phpMyAdmin now available

I’m pleased to announce the much anticipated addition of phpMyAdmin for our users.

Due to extensive demand we’ve launched the popular database administration tool phpMyAdmin which can be reached at

If your wondering about the .co extension, it’s not a typo that is the correct extension

Security and performance has always been our priority and has delayed the launch of this service until now as we can guarantee regular security updates and upgrades for this installation of phpMyAdmin keeping our users safe and secure whilst providing what they’ve been asking for.

phpMyAdmin enables a quick and easy method of administrating your MySQL database.  It allows you to create tables, fields, indexes, export (back up) and import your data.  It also lets you enter data directly into your table fields for quick data entry.

If you’re not familiar with phpMyAdmin then please visit their official website or use your favourite search engine for more information as there is a wealth of useful articles based on using phpMyAdmin to administer MySQL database.

We enjoy providing useful services and as well as providing this for our users the installation of phpMyAdmin can be used to connect to any MySQL database host accessible via the internet so if you’ve other databases else where you can continue to use this tool even if you decide to leave