Faster sql development for database driven websites

Does the next paragraph sound familiar to you whilst developing an database driven website?

“Start with the script editor, make some changes, press Ctrl+S and upload then flick to the browser then press F5, then read the sql error then flick to the script editor and repeat as necessary.”

If yes then there is a much better and faster way to develop, debug and launch an sql statement.

If you have not used a tool like Navicat then its time to start.  The part of the tool I want to focus on is the Query Editor.  This allows you to enter an sql statement into a query editor and execute it instantly with the results and error information clearly displayed once the query is complete.


Once you have entered your query statement into the Query Editor, click run and you query will be run against your open database – be careful, make sure you have the correct database open when running this as you can multiple databases connections.

Navicat Query Editor results

Next I’m demonstrating it’s debug feature which can save a huge amount of time if use.  Below is a invalid sql statement, the table ‘sample1’ does not exist.

Missing table query in Navicat

And below is the result, bacuase the table does not exist the database can not return any results but does return an error message providing you with enough information to debug the error and correct.

Navicat Query Editor returning an sql statement error

As you can see, the Query Editor is a simple and easy to use feature which can save you time and allot of head scratching when developing sql statements.